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Product Code : MCI

Product Code : DM-006

Product Code : ZLM

One-stop service for cosmetic manufacturing
We manufacture innovative, unique,
and quality cosmetics
as well as cosmeceuticals
under your own brand name,
certified by the international
manufacturing standards— ISO 22716
by the Ministry of Public Health.

Research and Development Services
We analyze cosmetic products and develop
cosmetic formulations with quality
and safety at a very reasonable price.
We can help you determine
your own product properties
such as color, scent, and texture.
We not only develop new formulas
for your own products
but also enhance existing product formulas
to make a difference.

Packaging, logo, sticker and label design services
We provide quality and professional packaging, logo,
label, sticker and print designing services
with modern technology to make your brand unique 
and stand out from your competitors.

Marketing consultant services by our professional team
Our skilled specialists provide the best consulting services on product management,
business, offline and online marketing, international market exporting distribution,
and importing modern trade goods to you from the start until your brand becomes successful.
Filling and packaging service
We offer the innovative, modern
and safe packaging services certified
by the international standards— 
ASEAN GMP and ISO 22716—
in a variety of formats
such as tubes, bottles, sachets,
jars, gas flushing packaging, etc.
Cosmetics Registration Service
Document registration services regarding domestic
and international product distribution
such as FDA document,
Ministry of Public Health document,
trade mark, patent and etc.

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