Research and Development Services

We analyze cosmetic products and develop cosmetic formulations
with quality and safety at a very reasonable price.
We can help you determine your own product properties.
Either you have already got your own formula
or you want to develop a new one.
You can inform specific details and properties
or just send your samples (if any) to our sales representatives.       
Conditions and duration of formula development:
Minimum order quantity for manufacturing is 10 kilograms
and minimum order quantity for purchasing cream is at least 50,000 THB.
In case of developing from the company’s standard formula such as changing color,
scent or extract, the process takes 14 business days.
In case of developing a brand-new formula
or analyzing formulas of a sample provided by clients,
the process will take 30 business days.
We will send the developed sample to the client along
with product information and a satisfaction evaluation form.
Then, the client fills out the satisfaction evaluation form
and sends it back to our sales staff.
After that, our product development team will develop the formula again
in case the client would like to have it further developed.
After the formula is approved by the client,
the product will be registered within around 30 business days.