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Normally, the body creates antioxidants. (antioxidants) to fight or eliminate the toxicity of free radicals, which is based on natural mechanisms.

Brighlette ™ Planktonic extracts in biotechnology play many roles in the process of melanin deposition. Display function

A substance that helps restore dry skin and fills it with healthy moisture. ™ Moisturizing ability from natural seaweed, providing smooth skin

Sunscreen is one of the most important skincare products in daily life. Have you checked the methods you use every day? Is the label correct?

Let's get to know Innovative extract Capixyl™ is rich in an important substance called Biochanin A that helps hair have lots of volume.

Ampoules are a form of skin treatment. The ampoule formula is designed and developed to include important substances that are beneficial to the skin.

Chrono Chardy is a high quality Chardonnay grape extract from St.Cousair where the grapes are grown. and wine production in Lizuna

Kareju extract helps improve skin tone, making the skin look smooth and even. The skin looks younger and more energetic than its actual age.

Pollustop ® (Inci name: Biosaccharide gum–4) The negative polysaccharides developed by biotechnology act as thin films on the skin, hair, and scalp.

Redyless® offers unique results to help control everyday redness, whether temporary or permanent. Restoring the skin back to good health.

Packaging plays an important role in marketing whether it helps differentiate products of the same type from competitors to stand out on the shelf.

Greenoxia-3 is an extract from 3 types of green plants: Chicory, Celery and Broccoli, rich in phytonutrients, including pro-vitamin

SK-Influx® V is a lipid modeling agent. Contains a blend of four ceramide complexes (ceramide I, III, IIIB and VI), cholesterol, free fatty acids

What is counterfeiting? It's not allowed. and with the intent to imitate, counterfeit or reproduce legally registered cosmetic products

Acnacidol™ BG is as effective as royal jelly. Helps to take care of skin that is prone to acne. with the function of oil controlling.

Factors influencing consumer behavior The company will be able to use this information to improve marketing strategies and present products.

The function of the skin. if visually speaking, is short, concise and easy to understand. This is a space for feeling stimulation.

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