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Normally, the body creates antioxidants. (antioxidants) to fight or eliminate the toxicity of free radicals, which is based on natural mechanisms.

Brighlette ™ Planktonic extracts in biotechnology play many roles in the process of melanin deposition. Display function

A substance that helps restore dry skin and fills it with healthy moisture. ™ Moisturizing ability from natural seaweed, providing smooth skin

Kareju extract helps improve skin tone, making the skin look smooth and even. The skin looks younger and more energetic than its actual age.

Packaging plays an important role in marketing whether it helps differentiate products of the same type from competitors to stand out on the shelf.

What is counterfeiting? It's not allowed. and with the intent to imitate, counterfeit or reproduce legally registered cosmetic products

Makeup powder, one of the items that whether beginners or pros. It must be attached to the dressing table for sure. Because the powder serves to help make our skin beautiful, smooth, clear and set the cosmetics to last long.

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