How important is packaging and how can it attract customers?

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How important is packaging and how can it attract customers?

How important is packaging and how can it attract customers?


          Packaging plays an important role in marketing whether it helps to differentiate a product of the same type from competitors and stand out from the shelves lined with products. It is also used to communicate messages to consumers as well. Nowadays, cosmetic companies are more aware of many factors in packaging design, including material, color, text displayed on the label. and packaging innovation, etc. How do these factors affect the purchasing behavior of consumers?


  Packaging materials

          This factor is important in order to make target customers satisfied or accept it. At present, most of the world's population tends to refuse to use products that are packaged through processes that create high amounts of waste or waste due to worry and pay more attention to the environment Often, however, preferences for material goods can vary according to type. and the budget that consumers are able to pay as well In the packaging industry, there are many materials to choose from. But the most common ones on the market are in the form of paper, plastic, metal, and glass. However, today's packaging design trend is hybrid, bringing together the different benefits of each material to achieve quality. That's appropriate. and has good consumer appeal Therefore, it can be seen that the choice of packaging materials is not only to perform the main function of protecting the product. But it also has to be reasonably environmentally friendly. to support the brand image or Keep the product.


  Colors on packaging

          Many studies have found that the colors of packaging have the power to change moods. And there is the possibility of helping to maintain feelings, whether negative or positive, and a clear, deep and long-lasting memory of the product. Color can also communicate, reflect and express the meaning of the product in some way that may not be tangible. In other words, color is another way to convey a special hidden message to consumers. And it is a channel that presents sales in a unique way that attracts customers' interest. Because often the color of the packaging is designed to be similar to the color of the product contained within.


  Messages shown on the packaging label.

          With the text appearing on the packaging showing product details, it is an important component that can promote advertising, improve brand identity. Increase brand name recognition and develop the characteristics of the allocation of product placement space Convey the appearance and quality of the product. Sometimes the label design concept also helps to identify what the product is like. Including providing important product information that consumers have the right to know and should have access to information such as product name, company name Distributing company name Production location and production / expiration date, etc., such as the stated net quantity, helps to encourage customers to decide on the amount worth buying per round.


  Packaging innovation.

          Innovation can add value to packaging as well as the product contained within if it can help meet the the needs of consumers, such as being recyclability, easy to open Easy to carry and store, harmless to children. And durability, etc. However, this innovation must not affect or must take into account the main function of the primary packaging. that is to protect the product create interest and provide product information as before.


          From the above information are examples of packaging factors that can affect the purchasing behavior of consumers for cosmetic products. Because when we walk into a store, what we see first is the packaging. If it's outstanding enough, it can persuade us to pick up the product and look at it before considering other details later, such as price and features, etc. Anyone who is interested in building a brand can trust the company. Come Innovation Co., Ltd. can help take care of this. Because we are your partner traveling with you, providing packaging design services, logos, and product labels to increase the attractiveness of your customers.

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