Consumer Trends 2023 What Cosmetic Brand Owners Must Know

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Consumer Trends 2023 What Cosmetic Brand Owners Must Know

Consumer Trends 2023 What Cosmetic

Brand Owners Must Know


          At present, it is evident that the cosmetic market is growing rapidly and continuously, which can be observed from the demand for both skin care products. and more cosmetics In addition, the image can be seen more clearly since the COVID-19 era. epidemic until now That has the origin of a channel or an online social media platform that is used to promote products to be easily accessible unlike before In addition to the sound of the radio TV ads, magazines, and also a number of new influencers. Comes to play an influential role in making consumers (end users) want to try new products constantly to experiment under the expectation of the question that if they use it themselves, will see results? And can look good like those people? It is the source of high competition among companies in the cosmetic industry. by looking for new ways to push ahead of competitors This article will discuss the factors that affect consumer behavior.


Factors affecting consumer behavior in the cosmetic industry



 Product Quality

One of the main factors that it cannot be denied that there are not many consumers who are ready to pay. despite the high price in exchange for obtaining quality products and actually delivers the performance it claims Therefore, the fact that the product is really good in itself is like having basic things that can attract the attention of consumers.




  Brand Image

Image plays an important role in influencing consumer behavior. Because consumers tend to trust And have a high chance of making a purchase decision with a brand with a positive image. Has a wide reputation in the cosmetic industry such as branded counter products.



 Social media influencers

The reason why this factor is strong is because consumers want to purchase products recommended or certified by their favorite influencers. Because these groups have established consumer confidence and expectations for the product. Express it through actual trials before consumers make a purchase.




The main information that consumers need to search for before viewing product properties. Therefore, consumers choose the price to pay. Prices, Discounts, and Promotions This is a place to attract attention and maintain a consumer base.


What can companies do to improve their marketing strategies in the cosmetic industry?



  • Understand the needs of target consumers The study is analyzed from market research (market research) and consumer information on hand. to be a database used to improve and develop products marketing strategy and how to present products that can promptly respond to changes in consumer interest. 
  • Presented prominently enough That will reflect the value, identity, identity of the company, the product and the brand. and relationships to have an impact on target consumers This will help raise awareness for consumers to understand the differences over competitor companies. And may attract a regular customer base (Regular customer)
  • Knowing how to use social media platforms has its advantages. It is an important tool that can reach more target customers. by creating interesting content together with influencers It is another main channel to create a brand identity. ready to expand a wider customer base


          From the above In order to give consumers a feeling called personalized experience, it is the feeling that we care about them. as if we were sitting and talking And pay attention to what he really wants, so companies that can communicate at this point to consumers. along with the commitment to produce quality products and seeking new innovations to raise the level of care to a different level with reliability and sincerity Safe, reliable, help solve and reduce problems for consumers to be more likely to be successful in the long run. Anyone who is interested in creating a cosmetic brand must do their homework on this matter. for progress and the survival of the brand



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