Gel for anti acne, easily absorb and non-sticky feeling with Acnebuste and Red onion. it's helps cure acne from cause by reducing bacteria, control oiliness and relieve inflammation. The acne will gradually small and fade out.


Sherbet Gel contains the combination of Organic mango Manuka honey and Mandarin clear helps to brightening and moisturizing. The texture in non-greasy, with cooling agent innovation.


A hydrating and revitalizing daily eye treatment that alleviates the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, signs of fatigue. Reduces skin dullness and brightens and nourishing the skin around eyes for efficiency skin smoothness

Cleansing Foam with tea tree oil. Reduce inflammation of acne and efficiency protect your skin from acne's problem

This gel helps to enhance and strengthen the treatment for dull skin. With AHA to keep skin brighten. It can be used during the facial treatment to stimulate the skin exfoliation and reduce dullness and blemishes

Skin Treatment Gel effectively improves your skin for soft, bright and nourished skin and rejuvenate for younger-looking skin

Deep nourishing gel with Arbutin helps recover dull skin to become white and glow again and fade out blemishes, freckles, and dark spots. With vitamin B3, it moisturizes skin to become soft and smooth if use constantly


Gel for nourishing skin, Soft and touch by Watermelon extract. Helps to soothing and adds moist to your skin for healthy skin. With the property of beads that makes your skin to be moisten.

Best Seller

Rose Water Leave on mask without rinsing off. Suitable for one who has not enough rest.


Nourishing gel with intense Aloe Vera Extract adds moisture to skin. It takes care of your skin tenderly while Korean Bamboo Grass Extract helps smoothen skin.


new innovation of facial spray, moisturizing skin and also adding food to your skin. It nourishes skin to be soft, smooth and bright for youthfulness and also relaxes skin all day. Good for preparing facial skin before make-up.

Brightening skin gel with vitamin c and natural extractn effectively improves your skin for soft and bright

This facial treatment gel is rich with collagen which gives you firm and smooth skin, and brings back healthy skin layer. Your skin will be firm and wrinkle-free, and your skin will be revived to smooth, soft, touchable and younger skin