Facial Mask

This gentle hydrating Mask Powder. it contains Lavender extract, vitamin B3 and Aloe vera to remove oil and replenish moisture in the skin. The result is a softer, plumper and an even skin tone. it's great for fine line and wrinkles.

Sheet mask with Organic Wild Olive that immerses your skin in intense hydration. This mask delivers a surge of deep hydration and extra energy to skin for a plump, smooth, glowing-look in minutes. It also soothes redness and improves skin’s texture.

Best Seller

Rose Water Leave on mask without rinsing off. Suitable for one who has not enough rest.

Wash off facial mask takes care of your facial skin from impurities and darkness from minerals which come from Fuji Lava. It has anti-oxidation helping skin to be youthful and AHA extracted from 7 fruits taking care of smoother and brighter skin and also protects skin from any irritation

Intensive sleeping mask for restoring skin with Alpine rose Stem cell Extract, tropical rosegrows at extreme mountain habitat the alpine rose had survived and Gluthaione.