BRIGHLETTE restores radiant skin With the value of plankton

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BRIGHLETTE restores radiant skin With the value of plankton

BRIGHLETTE restores radiant skin

With the value of plankton


          When keratinocyte cells in our skin are exposed to sunlight rays. The keratinocyte cells then send messages to the melanocyte cells embedded in the basal layer or stratum basale at the bottom of the epidermis to induce melanin production. (melanin), which takes place in the melanin sac (melanosome), after which the sac is transported to the dendrites of the long melanocyte cells and travels into the keratin cells. Gnosite by phagocytosis. In the upper layer of the skin It accumulates in high amounts and is expressed in the form of dull, uneven skin tone (uneven skin tone).

          Today,Miss Derma would like to present substances to help take care of such skin problems from marine plankton extracts in the area. Volcanic Tenerife Island, Canary Islands, Spain, where the ecosystem has a high diversity of living things.         


          Brighlette™ is a plankton extract obtained from biotechnology. Comes in to play an obstructing role in many steps in the process of skin darkening. In Vitro experimental results show the following functions:   

  Stimulates gene expression.  

  Reduced expression of the receptor gene on the surface of melanocyte cells that stimulates the initiation of the melanin production process MITF (Microphthalmia-associated transcription factor)

  Reduced   expression of protein genes Pmel17 and Melan-A that are components of the synthesis of mela sacs. nosome  

  Reduced expression of the TYR, TRP-1, and TRP-2 enzyme protein genes used in melanin synthesis. Eumelanin type (eumelanin; brown-black)  

  increases DKK1 gene expression. It acts to block the delivery of pigment into keratinocyte cells by means of phagocytosis.  

  Increase the expression of genes involved in DNA genetic repair. 

  The amount of melanosome bags in the mature stage (melanosome maturation) in the skin layer decreases.  

  The amount of tyrosinase enzyme protein decreased.  

  The amount of DOPAchrome complex decreased, demonstrating the activity of inhibiting the tyrosinase enzyme.  

  The amount of melanin pigment accumulated in melanocyte cells decreases.  

  Increased amounts of DKK1 protein inhibit melanosome transport.


          From the properties mentioned above Helps provide efficiency to reduce dull skin. The amount of melanin accumulated in the spots decreases, resulting in the dark spots becoming smaller and lighter as well. Reveals brighter, more even skin tone Show smooth, healthy skin. With the ability that Brighlette™ blocks every process of melanin creation Miss Derma hopes that this substance will be another interesting option. It can be said that nature is small but has high potential to help take care of the skin and return it to natural health again.

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