CODIAVELANE ™ Magical extract that restores skin moisture.

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CODIAVELANE ™ Magical extract that restores skin moisture.

CODIAVELANE ™ Magical extract

that restores skin moisture.


          Dry skin problems It can be caused by both internal and external factors, such as genetic skin characteristics. Drinking water is not enough in the recommended daily amount. (The human body is composed of approximately 70 percent water.) Changing weather conditions and pollution. Or living and working in an air-conditioned room for a long time, etc. These causes cause the skin to look dry and not moisturized. Premature wrinkles become more visible. Looks worn out and not bright. In addition, many people also face problems with makeup not lasting and being flaky.          

          If anyone is facing the above skin problems. Today, Miss Derma will take you to get to know important substances that will help restore dry facial skin and make it radiant. Look hydrated and healthy again with Codiavelane™, the moisturizing power of natural algae that gives the skin a smooth, velvety touch (Velvety touch).         


          Codiavelane™ Extracted from natural deep-sea green seaweed, Codium tomentosum, from the northern coast of Brittany, France, where the area is registered as a biosphere reserve. It has a special and interesting shape, made from small, fine hairs tightly packed together, causing water to infiltrate inside. Its unique green color comes from chlorophyll in the chloroplast organelles of the cell. In addition, this type of seaweed also contains up to 85% water and gelling agents, giving the skin a smooth and fine texture like a velvet sponge (Velvety touch). Meanwhile, this type of seaweed that is extracted is harvested by hand carefully. A quality that is not easy to harvest (high quality harvest) because it can only be harvested in the winter because the parasites attached to the seaweed cannot be removed during the summer. You also have to watch for the ebb tide because the level at which the seaweed is harvested is about 15 meters deep from the beach surface, as well as the stormy weather that is normal.         

          Codium tomentosum algae grows in seawater pools between rocks that are exposed to sunny weather during the day. causing the water level to decrease Salt intensity (salinity) and water temperature increase. It was found that this type of algae can still maintain the same moisture level at approximately 85%. Because of its unique ability to adapt to weather conditions, it has been interested in being studied. More than 800 types of seaweed. In the experiment, it was also found that Codium tomentosum seaweed was able to recover from dryness and withering when exposed to water for 6 minutes. The body weight increased 3 times from the beginning. This unique characteristic is due to being rich in    


  Sulfate polysaccharides which have hygroscopic power properties (good at absorbing moisture from the atmosphere) imitating natural carbohydrates. glycosaminoglycans Its main function is to bind collagen and elastin proteins in the dermis layer. Add moisture and support the said fibers. 

  Glucuronic acid also has hygroscopic power properties. It is a component of natural skin moisturizers such as hyaluronic acid and  

  Minerals, essential minerals.


          With the property of hygroscopic power, it increases the amount of water penetrating into every skin molecule. In addition, the seaweed extract also stimulates the synthesis of lipids, including ceramides and cerebrosides, which play a key role in strengthening the skin's oil barrier. Reduce the loss of water and moisture from the skin. This results in skin that is plump, hydrated, and improves the appearance of shallow wrinkles and lines to make them appear smoother and more refined again. Gives the skin a soothing, soft and smooth touch like velvet.

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