Bright skin not shabby with CHRONO CHARDY extract.

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Bright skin not shabby with CHRONO CHARDY extract.

Bright skin not shabby

with CHRONO CHARDY extract.


          Body clock is a concept that indicates the cycle of work systems in the human body. It functions to control the functioning of various systems in the body well at different times. Give an example that is likely to be heard often. When it's night time The intensity of ambient light decreases. The brain is stimulated to produce melatonin (Melatonin) released into the bloodstream. Makes the body feel sleepy and ready to sleep. Melatonin levels remain in our bloodstream for up to 12 hours and drop to unmeasurable levels with the return of sunlight in the morning.         

          At present, many occupations have affected lifestyles or lifestyle behaviors that have changed. The life clock that should be has fluctuated. This causes the body's systems to not function and be fully restored. The sentence about not seeing each other for a long time. What have you done? It doesn't seem bright at all. Believe that there will be a time when we may say hello to him or someone else to say hello to us. Chrono Chardy will help change the sentence in a positive way. Helps take care of shabby, dry, rough skin problems better.               

          Chrono Chardy is a high quality Chardonnay grape extract from St.Cousair, where the grapes are grown. The winemaking and production town of Lizuna is nestled in the middle of mountains with beautiful views. 650 meters above sea level in the northern part of Nagano Province, Japan. In one day, the body determines the timing of the work of genes (clock gene) around the clock, with a gene that works at night called BMAL1. A gene that works during the day is called PERIOD1. Chrono Chardy was found to be able to increase the expression of two genes in accordance with the circadian rhythm. In addition, there are two other genes that are like workers for these clock genes, namely genes. ABCA12 and FLG also had higher expression.


  The ABCA12 gene has an important role in transporting lipid granules. It is produced in cells. It contains lipids such as ceramides, which are necessary to create a skin barrier. After that, he continued his journey as a member of The intercellular lipid layer becomes the barrier structure of the skin.
  The FLG gene is responsible for creating Profilaggrin, which is a precursor of filaggrin. It plays a role as a connector for each cell to stick together tightly. Do not create holes between the cells. Including increasing the amount of natural moisturizing substances NMF (natural moisturizing factor)         


          In conclusion, Chrono Chardy helps solve lifestyle problems like sleeping and waking up at irregular times. accumulated stress Do activities in the sunlight and various kinds of pollution, etc., which affect the body's clock to work according to rhythm As a result, the gene also helps strengthen the skin's armor. Reduce water loss from the skin. and create long-lasting moisture for the skin Because the skin has been restored from working fully and normally for 24 hours.

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