Initiating skin care innovation CLAIR JU extract

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Initiating skin care innovation CLAIR JU extract

Initiating skin care

innovation CLAIR JU extract


          The fact that people have many different skin colors Apart from ethnicity and the geography that surrounds us Within the body, there are melanocyte cells that create melanin pigment sacs (Melanin) that are passed to the keratinocyte cells that line the top of the skin layer. Produced when the skin is touched. and stimulated by sunlight It is the skin's natural protective mechanism to absorb radiation. This results in the aggregation of pigment groups and manifests itself in the form of blemishes, freckles, dark spots, and dull skin, making the skin color look rough and uneven. Older than your actual age.


          Whitening products are therefore continuously being developed and sold in a highly competitive market. and the mechanism of bioactive substances that we are familiar with that inhibit the process of melanin pigmentation. Either by blocking the activity of the tyrosinase enzyme or reducing the activity of transporting pigment to keratinocyte cells, etc.Today we will take you to get to know the new mechanism of having radiant skin under the concept called "Melanin Diet Theory" or "Stop eating melanin except before this period" of Kare fruit extracts. Ju or prune extract, Hydrolyzed Prunus domestica, obtains important substances from the process of hydrolysis with water (hydrolysis), which is the change of large molecules to small ones by breaking bonds with water. From the above concept Kareju extract inhibits phagocytosis of keratinocytes. Therefore, the mission of delivering the melanin pigment of melanocytes into keratinocytes was unsuccessful. Thus reducing the accumulation of pigment on the upper surface of the skin. It was found that the skin that had tried using the product containing Kareju extract was whiter, brighter, and brighter. Dark spots, acne scars, blemishes, freckles, and dull skin looked faded. It also reduces water loss from the skin (TEWL reduction) and reduces wrinkles. With the efficiency of this feature, it helps adjust the condition of the skin color and make it look smooth and even.


          This extract is also permitted as a substance for use in the quasi-drug product category approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan. To put it simply, It has similar efficacy to medicine but has the same level of safety as cosmetics. or less likely to cause side effects than the drug itself In addition, in 2015, it was classified as one of the new substances that China allowed to be used in cosmetics in the Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredient in China 2015.

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