POLLUSTOP's innovative ultimate skin protection extract

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POLLUSTOP's innovative ultimate skin protection extract


innovative ultimate skin protection extract


          In the past, we were hardly aware of the existence of pollution around us. But it has become a part of everyday life that is a major threat to the quality of life today. Because the amount has increased several times to the point where we can see thick smog floating in the air, obscuring the view. Including sunlight rays being able to travel through the earth more than before due to the thickness of the ozone gas in the atmosphere, which absorbs the radiation, which is thinner. caused by evolution and characteristics of lifestyle changes such as the expansion of urban society Resulting in an increased chance of being at risk from pollution particles. Accelerating the deterioration of health.


          However The skin has a natural function of protecting the body from external stimuli. But yes, the performance will be the same all the time. Because when the body has been exposed to accumulated pollution for a long period of time continuously Can reduce the potential of the skin. The result is dry, sensitive, sensitive skin, acne, premature aging skin, etc. at the same time. The hair feels hard and dry to the touch, brittle and easily breaks. The color is dull and does not shine brightly. Caused by the oxidation of lipids with induced pollution particles. make structure The oils of the scalp and hair are destroyed.


          Today Miss Derma would like to introduce you to Pollustop® (Inci name: Biosaccharide gum–4), an anionic polysaccharide developed with biotechnology. It acts like a thin film coating the skin, hair, and scalp, protecting it from 3 types of pollution particles: particles in the atmosphere. (Carbon group, dust and heavy metals, etc.), sunlight radiation and household chemicals.


Pollustop Benefit Trial Results ® To protect the skin from the influence of atmospheric particles, the following are:


  Cream products containing Pollustop® help create a film layer that traps airborne pollution particles from direct contact with the skin and hair. when cleaning It has been found to help reduce the accumulation of pollution particles on the skin and hair.

  Face and hair cleaning products containing Pollustop® help absorb the adhesion of pollution particles. It was found that after cleaning, it reduces the accumulation of pollution particles on the skin and hair.

  Care products containing Pollustop® were found to help inhibit the creation of free radicals to reduce the number. It also protects the mitochondrial organelles that serve as the cell's energy source. And prevents the oxidation of lipids, which are important components that protect the skin from being damaged but maintain moisture and reduce water loss. Thus helping to preserve the functional potential of the skin and hair structure.

  Cream products containing Pollustop® help create a film layer that reduces the adhesion of heavy metals. (anti-adhesion) from the air or the lifestyle of people who normally smoke.

  Volunteers felt their skin was better protected. The face looks healthier, such as brighter, brighter, moisturized skin, relieved from inflammation, etc.


Experimental results of the benefits of Pollustop® in protecting the skin from solar radiation are as follows:


  Skin care products containing Pollustop® have been found to increase cell viability.

  Pollustop®-containing sunscreen products have been found to reduce the gap between sunscreen agents and IL1-α. and distributed evenly close to each other

  Pollustop®-containing hair glaze care products have been shown to reduce the amount of free radicals caused by induced sun exposure. Thus reducing the oxidation of lipids, which cause dry, fragile, brittle hair.


Experimental results of the benefits of Pollustop® in protecting the skin from household chemicals are as follows:


 Care products containing Pollustop® help prevent exposure to surfactant residues on clothing from the skin. Reduces the likelihood of weak skin barrier formation and penetration.


          With the properties from the above experimental results, Pollustop® acts like a second skin, taking care of our skin and body again. Helps to maintain good health from more dangerous environments. Therefore, it is an interesting substance to choose to put in cosmetic formulas such as Everyday protective skin and hair care, Anti-pollution, Anti-Aging or Sun care, etc. Ms. Derma believes that taking care of our skin does not work hard alone. according to natural mechanisms This is the beginning of a longer, healthier life.

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