Get to know REDYLESS® permanently reduces redness.

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Get to know REDYLESS® permanently reduces redness.

Get to know REDYLESS®

permanently reduces redness.


          Has anyone tried playing the Natural Blush Challenge? The way to play is to use a pinched finger to rub the cheek or nose. Within a few seconds a red stripe will appear. It will depend on the strength of the pinch. and the skin condition of each person Anyone who has had their cheeks turned red means they have healthy skin. So people are flocking to record clips and post them on social media. But actually, red marks on the face do not necessarily inspire confidence in anyone. Because not every red mark is accepted. and represents healthy skin, such as chronic skin diseases, erythrosis and rosacea, etc.


          Redness that is temporary (transitionary redness or facial flushing) or permanent redness (persistent redness) from a variety of causes, such as genetics, changes in temperature eat spicy food drink alcohol Emotions, stress, sunlight and air pollution, etc. The degree of redness that appears depends on the sensitivity of each person's skin. Including blood vessels in that area may be damaged. Whether it is stimulated to create new blood vessels without control The blood vessel structure is destroyed. Permanent dilatation of blood vessels.

          Redyless®, an innovative molecule called Piperonyl glucose (derived from the combination of Sucrose and Piperonylic alcohol, synthesized through the enzyme Glucosyl transferase) Redyless® is uniquely effective in helping to control redness that occurs in everyday life, whether Is it a temporary or permanent redness? Restore the skin back to health. Through two main working mechanisms:


  Reduces the skin's sensitivity to stimuli.          

          The keratinocyte cell membrane has sensitive receptors called TRPV1 (sensitive to heat above 40 °C and to hot-tasting substances such as camphor or capsaicin) and TRPA1 (sensitive to cold. Temperatures below 5 °C and certain foods (such as wasabi and mustard) are associated with discomfort, pain, and cell life span. When these 2 receptors are stimulated by stimuli. This causes protein ion channels to open. Ca2+ is transported in high quantities into the cells, which is the starting point in the process of releasing inflammatory inducers. (inflammatory mediator) targeting nearby blood vessels cause expansion (vasodilation) rapidly, blood volume increases And the redness appears almost immediately (flush). After a few minutes the symptoms disappear as the blood vessels shrink back to normal.         

          Redyless® blocks the activity of TRPV1 and TRPA1, preventing Ca2+ from flowing into the cells to reduce the production of inflammatory substances that cause vasodilation, which results in temporary redness. and reduce the stimulation of signal receptors related to skin deterioration as well


  Organize blood vessel structure         

          Our blood vessels are made up of long lines of endothelial cells with the protein PECAM-1 wrapped in a protective sheath between the cells. Resulting in high efficiency in resisting change. Maintains the cylindrical shape of the blood vessels well. When blood vessels are stimulated by inflammatory inducers, the PECAM-1 sheath is destroyed, resulting in a decrease in the efficiency of PECAM-1, causing blood vessels to lose their stability. Larger diameter This increases the volume of blood circulating, which may be enough to cause vascular lines and permanent redness to appear on the skin. Difficult to restore to normal naturally Persistent redness is also caused by the uncontrolled growth of pseudo tubes. Redyless® inhibits the potential for new blood vessels to form and stimulates the action of PECAM-1. To bind endothelial cells together. Increase the ability to maintain shape Reduce the chance of permanent expansion of blood vessels. The redness that appears has decreased as well.


What are Redyless® properties?


  Temporarily prevent redness.

  Reduce skin sensitivity to irritation, weather, and spicy foods.

  Significantly reduces permanent redness.

  Helps repair redness caused by chronic skin diseases, erythema, and rosacea.

  Enhance blood vessels.

  Tissue that regulates vascular structure.

  Provide a healthy and even skin tone.


          Redyless® is suitable for a wide range of products such as Night and day anti-redness skincare, Erythrosis/rosacea specific care, Winter/summer skin care, Extreme condition care or Reactive skin care, etc. Unbelievable, isn't it? Yes. that redness on the face can also indicate hidden skin health problems It is expected that the benefits of Redyless ® should interest the reader as much as when Mrs. Derma felt while studying this material. Let's meet again.

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