SK-INFLUX®V moisture-locking on the skin layers

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SK-INFLUX®V moisture-locking on the skin layers

SK-INFLUX®V moisture-locking

on the skin layers


          The outermost layer of skin that covers the body is the epidermis, which can be divided into 5 sub-layers, with the outermost layer that we can touch, called the stratum corneum, consisting of corneocyte cells, which is another name for degenerated keratinocyte cells. dead no nucleus flat shapes stacked parallel to the surface Within the cells, there are many keratin proteins that are strong. And resistant to chemicals, insoluble in water, making the cells hardened Therefore, it is also known as horny cell. and will peel off into scurf with the natural skin cell renewal process (desquamation process).

           The stratum corneum intercellular space is occupied by a lipid barrier similar to the “Brick and Mortar” model, with a content of 25% free fatty acids, 40% ceramides, 5% cholesterol sulfate and 30% cholesterol. Act together to prevent water loss (barrier to water loss) protects the skin from external hazards. It is a checkpoint of drugs or various substances. It is like a skin barrier that is important in preventing disease. If this section is destroyed Our skin is prone to infection with pathogenic microorganisms. Rough dry skin, allergies, wounds and rashes easily. It also makes the skin aging prematurely as well.


What is SK-Influx® V?



          SK-Influx® V is a lipid modeling agent. A mixture of four ceramide complexes (ceramide I, III, IIIB and VI), cholesterol, free fatty acids and phytosphingoxene arranged in a multi-lamellar membrane in a liquid crystalline form. With technology invented to mimic the skin's natural lipid structure, ceramides can be brought into the skin well, restoring and repairing the skin barrier to maintain moisture. Reduces water loss from the skin than pure ceramides alone. Dermatological studies have shown a decrease in the content of ceramides in the skin. SK-Influx® V has been shown to reduce allergic contact dermatitis, irritant contact dermatitis and alleviate atopic dermatitis. from hereditary skin structure abnormalities (atopic dermatitis) as well.


A summary of why SK-Influx® V is essential and recommended for use in skin care cosmetic formulations.


 It is a mixture that is close to the skin. open skin and deeply nourishes.

 It carries important nutrients into the skin.

 Makes the skin strong and not sensitive because it helps restore And repair skin protective barrier (skin barrier).

 Reduce allergies, irritation. And inflammation and redness of the skin.

 Reduce allergies of steroid skin. And works well with sensitive skin. Even allergic skin rashes from genetic.

 Prevent water loss of the skin. Reduce dry skin. Flaky skin.

 Rejuvenate. and moisture smooth and soft to the touch look lively.


       Additionally, SK-Influx® V has been developed from the original SK-Influx® version without paraben preservatives. and ingredients such as plant-derived cholesterol. In addition, simulating lipid groups that do not contain only ceramides provide a synergistic effect, thus being able to restore the skin barrier to a higher level, especially on affected skin. damage and fragile prone to allergies.

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