Bioecto Ectoine is an innovative skin enhancing extract.

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Bioecto Ectoine is an innovative skin enhancing extract.

Bioecto Ectoine, the ultimate extract innovation Protects and strengthens

the skin   


          The function of the skin, if visually speaking, is short, concise and easy to understand, is the organ that covers the body to help maintain temperature. It is the area that receives the sensation from the stimuli. It also reduces the loss of important substances within such as water, electrolytes. to leave the skin as little as possible At the same time, it protects the skin from external harmful factors that can cause damage to internal organs. So that the skin is one of the important points that help maintain the normal state of the body's health.

          Although it is a natural function of the skin, but being at the forefront of exposure to the environment all the time in today's world, be it air pollution. Sunlight UV intensity and rising global temperatures Including individual lifestyle characteristics such as smoking, nutritional status and not getting enough sleep cumulative stress As a result, the skin can be stressed as well. Because of these factors beyond the balance point that the skin can accept and shows normal performance


          However, there are certain groups of microorganisms. (extremophiles) that can survive in extreme environmental conditions (extreme environmental conditions) in their habitats, such as extreme cold, extreme heat, high air pressure high acidity high salt concentration and areas with high radiation Within this group of organisms is ectoin, a compatible solute or extremolyte that protects cells from stress. This is the idea for BIOECTO ™ substances to be applied in skin care cosmetics. High stability and safety for use It is an amino acid derivative that provides outstanding properties in protecting and restoring. Helps the skin to have the potential to resist the impact of external factors.



          The mechanism of action of ectoin is due to the structure that facilitates the formation of hydrogen bonds with water molecules because of its high electronegativity, causing many water molecules to form a dense arrangement around the cell membrane, DNA, enzyme, protein as a shield Reduce gaps and penetration of substances that may cause damage. This phenomenon is called the Kosmotropic effect.


Benefits of BIOECTO™ manifested in the following properties:


  • Prevents DNA structure damage when skin is exposed to UV and visible light.
  • Reduce cell pressure. It was found that the expression of heat shock protein (HSP) is relatively low. Typically, HSP When the skin is stimulated by heat, sunlight, and physical and chemical pressure, it will increase the amount of reaction.
  • Reduces damage and maintains Langerhans cell count. It enhances the cells' ability to detect and report antigens to induce the proliferation of Regular T cells (Treg Cells), thus helping to balance the immune system within the body. get bette
  • The strong water-binding activity of water molecules and ectoin has been shown to be effective in keeping the skin hydrated for a longer time. Compared to the water molecules and glycerol that will break down and not maintain their binding posture, ectoin may play a part in preventing and alleviating dehydration in dry skin. There are allergies and rashes. Help restore cells to come back to life and slow down the aging of the skin.
  • Inhibit the expression of the pro-inflammatory agent TNF-α.
  • Stimulate proliferation to increase the number of fibroblast cells. and synthesize collagen protein under the skin in the dermis layer more.


          with outstanding protection features and restoration Including maintaining moisture for the skin for a long time Therefore, it is another substance that should be selected to be added to the type of restoration products. Protect your skin from pollution, sunscreen, reduce fade and prevent wrinkles. Also, cosmetics It helps prepare beautiful skin to be strong, fight and survive in the current world environment very well.

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