Top 8 Secrets about (not) secrets for people wanting to have a supplement brand

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Top 8 Secrets about (not) secrets for people wanting to have a supplement brand

Supplements that are popular today, there are many groups, such as plant protein. System group within women Skin care groups, etc. It is necessary to look for their target groups first that Which market will be focused on? And what kind of consumer demand trends in the future must be aligned with?

The popularity of taking dietary supplements along with taking care of the body has played a greater role in life. As a result of consumer adjustment, brand owners have to adjust to their businesses.

Derma-Innovation We include no (secret) tips as follows

Transparency Triumphs

  • Transparency is the key to success in business operations. To meet the needs of consumers who have high expectations for clean label products. Environmental friendliness and ethics

Tailored to Fit

  • Adapt to lifestyle Adapt business models, products to meet consumers' expectations for technology, innovation or new products all the time and seek exciting sensory experiences.


  • New products Made from plant protein It is a trend in 2021, consumers turn to focus on health. The variety in nutrition and flavor poses a challenge for brand owners to prove.

In tune with Immune Enhance

  • immunity with natural products Anxiety of the current situation Therefore, all consumers pay more attention to food supplements. Ingredients that help strengthen the immune system.
Nutrition Hacking 
  • Product information must be ready. To support search Must be comprehensive, able to answer all questions as well
Mood: The Next Occasion
  • The Next Station Mental Health Trends Products must have an influence on physical, mental and emotional health.
Product Mashups
  • Exotic products stimulate demand Creating innovative production or innovative products Will be very popular Consumers want to enhance their happiness and consumer experience.

Age of the Influencer

  • The era of ins ... with influencers When a brand is recognized by an influencer This is the most effective strategy in this era. Because you will gain confidence And reliability from consumers

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