N.M.F. Intensive Hydrating Daily Cream


Concentrated ceramide cream for facial, light texture and soft smell. This formula nourishes the skin to strengthen the skin barrier and repair .



Concentrated ceramide cream for facial, light texture and soft smell. This formula nourishes the skin with SK-Influx, DS-Cerix-5 and Pineapple Ceramide which have ceramide complex (1,3,6) to strengthen the skin barrier and repair skin barrier damage. Also retain moisture for the skin for a long time with Elfamoist AC, Lipomoist and Pentavitin. Provide the skin's glow, making the skin moisturized and plump, as well as soothing the skin with Stimutex-AS, giving the skin healthier than ever.


Product Benefit

  • Ceramide Complex
  • Improves Skin Barrier
  • Supports Skin Balance
  • Visibly Reduce redness and dryness


  • Apply all over your facial constantly, morning and evening or as often as needed.


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Active Ingredients


  • SK-Influx V is Ceramide makes us look fresh and young. With their skin-protecting effect, ceramides bring us closer to this goal. They are essential in maintaining and structuring the lipid barrier. A strengthened skin barrier locks in moisture and protects against harmful stressors, resulting in smooth and healthy-looking skin.



  • containing ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids mixed in an optimized ratio, which helps maintain skin moisture balance and accelerate skin barrier recovery. Stearic and oleic acid help regeneration of a damaged skin barrier. In addition, phytosphingosine working in deep skin cells to stimulate skin regeneration in a nature way. Antimicrobial activity of phytosphingosine is an additional advantage.


  • Pineapple Ceramide is a pineapple extract rich in ceramides and phytol. Moisturizing, brightening, dermal regeneration. Pineapple is the fruit with the highest ceramide content and is considered to be the first ceramide extracted from the Thai pineapple fruit that can be eaten. In addition to containing important substances such as up to 8 types such as vitamins C, B1, citric acid and Bromelin (an enzyme for digesting protein), as well as precursors that can be used in the synthesis of additional vitamins E and K.



  • Optimized mixture of spent grain wax, argan oil, and shea butter, processed by high-performing technologies



  • Pentavitin provides powerful hydration to all facial areas. Regular use of the natural skin bioactive PENTAVITIN® brings tired and dry skin back to life, Consumer test panels confirm reduction in flakiness and itchiness caused by dry skin and skin becomes visibly smoother.



  • AkzoNobel’s latest innovative ingredient for personal care applications provides formulators with the ability to meet the growing consumer demand for long-lasting and high-performance skin care products.



  • Lipomoist contains polysaccharides that forms occlusive films to minimize trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL). Helping the specific active ingredients included to penetrate more efficiently into the skin. Offers long-lasting moisturization and also possesses firming and remodeling efficacy for skin compactness and elasticity.



  • Aloe vera concentrate 200 times, medicinal plants that nourish the skin to be smooth, soft and moist. And help reduce inflammation of the skin (Anti-Inflammatory) helps protect the skin from damage by sunlight.



  • Allantoin Qualified to help repair gives softness and smoothness. It is an anti-inflammatory and skin irritant. Reduces allergic reactions, makes the skin soft and smooth, not a rash. It also helps to increase the water content in the skin cells, making the skin hydrated, restoring dead skin cells.



  • nicotinamide, another form of vitamin B3, is a precursor of pyridine coenzyme synthesis (NAD and NADH) involved in cell metabolism such as cell energy production. Niacinamide Increase the expression of aquaporin-3 protein which is located at cell membrane and roles as the water and small particle (glycerol) transporting channel into cells thus it helps to retain skin moisture.



  • Vitamin E is an important fat-soluble antioxidant and has been in use for more than 50 years in dermatology. It is an important ingredient in many cosmetic products. It protects the skin from various deleterious effects due to solar radiation by acting as a free-radical scavenger.






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