Oil-Infused Glowing Cleansing Balm


Cleansing Balm Soft texture, easy to spread, breaks into milk when exposed to water. Cleans makeup and dirt that clogs cleanly and gently.

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Cleansing Balm clean and fresh fragrance Gives a relaxing feeling while using Meat turns milky when it comes in contact with water. Helps dissolve makeup And dirt that clogs the pores out cleanly and gently. Nourish the skin with a mixture of jojoba oil. Organic argan oil and organic coconut oil help maintain moisture. make skin smooth and soft reduce dryness One of the causes of premature aging.


Use warm water to touch your face and gently massage the balm into a milky cream. Rinse with clean water.


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Active Ingredients




peptides that are multifunctional That will help nourish the skin to look healthy, protect the skin from various pollution such as aging, free radicals and PM2.5.


Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

  • Helps the skin to be flexible There is moisture under the skin and reduce water loss. Prevents premature aging.

Organic Virgin Deodorised Argan Oil

  • Rich in vitamins A and E, effective in antioxidants, nourishing and rejuvenating dry skin. reduce wrinkles.


Colorless Jojoba Oil

  • commonly used in cosmetics, skin care and hair care products, jojoba oil has outstanding moisturizing properties. And restore the skin for those who have dry skin problems.


Tea Tree Oil

  • It helps in killing bacteria which is the cause of acne. Helps reduce inflammation of acne Help acne collapse and dry faster, treat itching. Reduce itchy red rash on the skin.




  • Anti-oxidant helps to adjust the skin to be clear, look healthy.


Hydrolyzed Collagen

  • through digestion into smaller molecules for better absorption into the skin Helps the skin to be moisturized Enhance the smoothness of the skin Makes the skin smooth and firm.





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