Mix Berry Detox




DW004 MB : Mix Berry Detox 

Highlights : 

  • Detox eliminates toxins in both the liver and blood vessels simultaneously.
  • Source of Prebiotic, stimulates  the activity of good microorganisms in the intestine.
  • Detox, eliminates toxins in the intestines and balances the digestive system. To clear toxins from the body.
  • Nourishes the blood system, detoxifies the liver and stimulates the immune system function in the body.
  • Helps maintain blood cholesterol levels, reduces blood pressure and cleans the blood system.
  • Accelerate fat burning and sugar into energy.
  • Improving metabolic efficiency.
  • Anti-oxidant and supplement  the antioxidant function
  • The skin to look radiant. Shine, look healthy


Directions : Dissolve 120 - 150 mL of water, shake well and drink before bedtime.


Fructo oligosaccharides / Alfalfa extract / Dandelion / Wheat grass powder / Konjac powder / Green tea extract / L-Carnitine / Psyllium husk powder / Melon Powder / Pomegranate Extract / Ascorbic acid

Konjac powder




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