How important are antioxidants for the skin?

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How important are antioxidants for the skin?

How important are

antioxidants for the skin?


          When hearing the word antioxidants Anti-oxidant substances Antioxidant Free radical scavengers or free radicals, etc. What happens in people's minds is that it is probably related to wrinkles. Aging skin Deteriorated skin Or anti-aging cosmetic products like Miss Derma herself confesses that before entering the cosmetics industry, The understanding of the word free radicals is certain substances that must be good for our body. Because there is the word freedom Interpret it yourself according to the language. And Miss Derma believes that many others may understand the same way. Or maybe they didn't pay much attention. But when we have this word in our daily life that we see and hear often, it won't hurt to know it.

          The level of understanding that most people know is that the smallest unit of living things is the cell that we cannot see with the naked eye. But in fact, the smaller units that combine to become cells are atoms, known in the description as the basic units of matter. There is a group of electrons which are classified as elementary particles as moving elements surrounding them.


          Free radicals are molecules or atoms that have lost electrons, causing their own energy to become unstable. Therefore, there is an inducement to compete for electrons from other atoms or molecules in order to regain stability. As a result, the structure of the molecule or other atoms changes gradually, similar to a chain reaction. Free radicals can be caused by both internal and external factors in the body, as follows:

  Free radicals within the body. Most of it comes from the metabolic process in cells to create energy. From an organelle in the cell called mitochondria (mitochondria), therefore, the food we eat exceeds the point of need. The body metabolizes and releases more free radicals.

  Free radicals outside the body. Caused by skin irritation that has been exposed to ultraviolet rays, heat, pollution, dust, smoke, smoking, and microbial infections. Including physical stress conditions such as heavy exercise. Not getting enough sleep Eating food is not beneficial. and mentally such as feelings of stress, etc.

          Normally, the body creates antioxidants. (antioxidants) to fight or eliminate the toxicity of free radicals, which is in accordance with natural mechanisms to keep these two groups of substances in a state of balance. But if at any time our body has too many free radicals beyond the ability of antioxidants to handle it. When we enter a state of oxidative stress, the bad free radicals will begin to cause damage to various cells in the body slowly without us realizing it. And what will follow are diseases caused by the deterioration of various organs that do not only occur in the skin.


          So if you don't want your body to deteriorate or look old before your time, Therefore, we should avoid stimulating factors that cause free radicals. Hurry to protect them before cells are damaged and increase the amount of antioxidants from eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and various nutrients. Nourish your skin to be healthy with products that contain sun protection substances, whether indoor or outdoor activities. and choose products that provide high anti-oxidant performance as well The best protection and protection is to use an appropriate life style to facilitate and care for the body to fully recover in order to cope well with various problems that will arise.

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