New Products 2023

The Renewal Body Oil with Hemp Seed Oil body oil The texture of the oil is light, easily absorbed, not sticky. Helps nourish the skin to return to be smooth, soft, moisturized, full of water.

Aqua Gel Hydrating Mist facial spray Add moisture, brighten the skin. Helps to make the skin smooth, soft, radiant and helps to prepare the skin before makeup as well.


Dragon's Blood Scar Gel Gel to reduce scars, easily absorbed, quick-drying, not sticky. Help reduce the appearance of scars to look faded. and smoother skin

Anti-Melasma & Dark Spot Corrector Cream This cream visibly reduces dark spots and discoloration while helping improve your skin’s clarity

Acne Spot Drying Lotion Made with a blend of Calamine and Salicylic Acid, Acne Spot Drying Lotion helps to soothe and clear up pimples, blemishes and whiteheads overnight without irritating the surrounding skin.

Mandarin Clear Water Drop Serum Intense serum for nourishing facial skin with light texture. Only one drop, the serum will burst into water and absorb to facial skin immediately.

Sun Drops Broad Spectrum SPF50+ PA++++ This ultra-sheer, broad-spectrum sunscreen gives skin exactly what it needs to stay hydrated—without a greasy, heavy finish.

Body Moist Spray  fresh scent of menthol provide your body with cool. It can keep its coolness from hot weather or prevent sunburns. 

Advanced Detoxifying Cream Especially for sensitive skin, Nourishing cream has total effects to take care of skin perfection.

Plankton Perfume Bingsu Lotion Bingsu Perfume a light fresh scent lotion with cooling agent innovation. Light-weight lotion easily absorb to skin.

ILLUMINATING BODY OIL This body oil leaves skin moisturised and illuminated with a warm glow. 

Translucent Setting Powder SPF 8 PA++ This powder provides SPF 8 PA++ protection to block harmful UVA,UVB & infrared rays.
Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Nourishing gel with intense Aloe Vera extract adds moisture to skin.
Rainbow Algae Concentrate Serum Serum has concentrated in a bottle of light the power of natural origin ingredients that reveals the light at the heart of the skin.
Perfume Booster Body Essence Formulated with two carefully selected beauty essences 
Glass Skin Intensive Serum The lightweight nature of this serum makes it the perfect product to tackle skin problems without clogging the pores. 

2% BHA + 5% PHA Exfoliating Toner  This purifying toner acts like a vacuum for your pores, ensuring your skin is squeaky clean without drying it out.

VIT C COLLAGEN SOAP MASK Vit C Collagen Soap Mask is specially formulated for strong whitening.

Sparkle Mint Fresh Breath Oral Rinse
Himalayan Pink Salt Oral Rinse
Herbal Protection Daily Oral Rinse

Rejuvenating Facial Treatment Mask

Glass Skin Intensive Gel Cream Facial skin care with the cream-gel form, helps restoring and nourishing the skin firmer and more youthful with Aren Bio.S-DNA™

UV Defense Invisible Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA+++

Recommended Products

Facial Treatment Essence With Hemp Seed Oil The Miracle of "Hemp" to Premium Slap Juice The ultimate skin food, natural extracts are effective in nourishing the skin, adding water to the skin from the first use. Delivers results for healthy, balanced skin that looks healthy.

Intensive Skin Repair Serum With Hemp Seed Oil Special formula serum with properties of hemp seed oil extract. Helps to take care of dry skin problems Ready to fill and retain moisture to the skin. restore glowing skin.


CBD Perfection Cream A concentrated facial cream extracted from hemp seed oil. Combining the value of ceramide Helps restore the skin's protective barrier Make your face soft, bouncy, look full of water.



CBD ANTI-PIMPLE GEL Special formula acne gel. Dry acne within one night, a new innovation developed to take care of acne problems, inflamed acne, helps control oiliness.


Vitamin Buffet Concentrate Facial Serum Facial serum enriched with vitamins and CBD extracts to help control oiliness. reduce wrinkles Reveal radiant, radiant, younger-looking skin.


10% Glycolic Acid + 8 Hya Serum Serum to take care of dark spots problems. Uneven skin tone with 10% Glycolic Acid and vitamin C derivatives. for clear skin skin tone and look consistent.


1% Bakuchiol Serum Purple serum revitalizes facial skin, reduces wrinkles, and makes the skin look smooth, firm, look younger.


Cera-Complex Soothing Cream facial products Formula to restore the protective barrier and soothe the skin. while strengthening the skin barrier that is faced with various pollution.


Advanced AcTEAvating Skin Cream Special facial cream Selected 3 types of tea extracts (black tea, organic green tea and white tea) rich in high performance Anti-oxidant. Nourish your skin to be healthy.




Color Wear Foundation SPF25 Foundation cream mixed with sunscreen SPF25 helps adjust the skin to be smooth and look naturally radiant as soon as applied. Available in 3 shades.



The Blush Baby Liquid blush, easy to spread, light, comfortable, not stain, ready to nourish the skin, soft, bright, look healthy naturally.



Anti-Hair Fall Densifying Shampoo Shampoo for those who have hair loss problems, gentle formula. natural extracts Helps to reduce the lack of hair loss. reduce oiliness on the scalp and balance the scalp to be healthy.


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